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Inch House Irish Studies Centre provides affordable accommodation for visiting school and university student groups. We offer traditional home cooked Irish meals, daily excursions, lectures and classes for all types of student groups - from high school students to postgraduates.

Who is the Centre suitable for?
All group ages, sizes and levels can be accommodated. Our itineraries are tailor made to meet individual needs, and include lectures, excursions, transport and activities as required.

Since opening a little over ten years ago, we have hosted more than 5,000 students, teachers and professors, from more than 50 universities and schools, all on custom-designed programmes.

Who comes on your programmes?
We have previously hosted groups on:
  • High school English language residentials;
  • University social science and humanities programmes;
  • University phyical science and health programmes;
  • Many other pursuits! We have had dozens of groups of all shapes and sizes - from traditional musicians to wedding parties;

We regularly host school teachers, groups leaders and university faculty free-of-charge to help with trip planning. If you are interested in bringing a group just drop us an email on Info@inchhouse.com and we'll quickly help you plan your trip.

What would we do and where would we visit?
Please find below some sample programmes. These itineraries contain details of some of the stunning wildlife, National Parks, cities, lectures and activities you could see and do in our local area.
  • A sample English language residential. This itinerary is great for visiting high-school students.
  • A sample itinerary for university students, particularly suitable for tourism undergraduates.

How much do the programmes cost?
Our prices are very reasonable, which is why we have proved so popular with high schools and universities. Group quotes depend on the number of students, length of stay, programme requirements and time of year, but our aim is to make a residential with us affordable for all visiting student groups. As a result, we can design residentials to suit most budgets.

Please don't hesitate to contact us for a no-pressure quotation. We're always happy to provide quotes and discuss individual needs. If you are interested in visiting with your faculty please email us on info@inchhouse.com.

To make everything even easier, we are usually able to visit your school or university, whether in Germany, Austria, the US, the UK or anywhere! We can come to your school, at our expense, help you plan the trip, meet your students and deliver some guest lectures or classes to get the students familiar with the people and places they will see.

How can I book/ make a reservation for my group?
Just drop us an email on info@inchhouse.com or complete the enquiry form below.

Visiting univiersities and schools we have hosted

Inch House has hosted many German high schools, The University of Derby, Buxton (England), Washington State University (Washington), Auburn College (Alabama), the University of Virginia, James Madison University & Radford College (Virginia), University of Massachusetts (Boston and Amherst) & Western New England College (Massachusetts), Grand Rapids College (Michigan), Mount Mary College, Alverno College & Greenville College (Wisconsin), University of Missouri Kansas City, Utah Valley University (Utah), Co-operation Ireland, the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, Scotland and the National University of Ireland, Galway.

Many thanks to Aoife NicSheain, Kenneth Porter and the University of Massachusetts for the photographs on these pages.